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Most landfills around the world contain more waste than they can handle, particularly e-waste. The term covers any electrical appliance that isn't used anymore either because it doesn't function properly, or is simply broken and can't be fixed. This can be anything from fridges and electrical ovens to mobile phones and laptops. Disposing of e-waste safely is crucial if our children's future is to be safeguarded.

These days' electrical devices have a shortened lifespan and because of this have become increasingly disposable, once a new product comes onto the market we discard our old model and go out to buy the new version. What to do with our outdated and un-used electrical appliances is a problem that should concern everyone - producers, manufacturers and consumers.

Households and businesses contain all kinds of electrical appliances, from mobile phones and microwaves, to printers, computers and laptops. These amount to a huge amount of e-waste that, if left to decompose in landfills, can emit toxic substances and poisons that contaminate the soil and water systems. Lead, calcium and mercury are just some of the poisons that can cause damage to humans, wildlife and plants, and reasons why electrical products need to be disposed of in a safe and planned manner. When these poisons get into our water and food system they are known to cause cancers, tumours and mental health disorders. For years, metals such as mercury and lead found in computers and other electronic waste have been buried in landfills, allowing the toxins to leach into the ground and waterways.

E-waste is a priority for waste management facilities as it is the fastest growing waste product, recycling your electrical goods is essential. If your local council doesn't offer this service then contact the nearest waste management in Australia and see if they can collect it and transport it to a recycling facility. Most electrical equipment is accepted for recycling including monitors, faxes, laptops and printers, mobile phones, DVD players, fridges, microwaves and electric ovens.

There are various companies that can collect and deal with your electronic waste, whether you are a homeowner with just 1 laptop or a business with hundreds of computers waiting to be recycled, they will be able to help. Reputable waste facilities management services are committed to preventing as much electronic waste from ending up in landfills or being exported. Services are professional, fast and reliable; they will collect your e-waste from your door and deliver it to the appropriate recycling facilities to be recycled for future use.

E-waste recycling will not only prevent hazardous materials from seeping into the environment, it will also make you look good. Any business that is seen to care about the environment by choosing to recycle will be viewed favourably by the public, and you'll have peace of mind that your waste is being handled in an environmentally responsible manner.

If you are interested in recycling for the home or for your business then find further information by searching the internet for facilities and see how they can help you in your quest to be environmentally friendly and resourceful.

A company specialising in Environmental Services in Australia can advise you in all aspects of waste management and resource recovery, in addition to Industrial services such as industrial cleaning and facilities management. Look out for companies that have many years experience in applying successful, original and sustainable solutions. If you choose to recycle e-waste, your image as a company that cares will be a positive one, but more importantly, you will know that you are doing all you can to handle and dispose of your waste in an environmentally responsible way.

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E-waste Solutions for Everyone

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This article was published on 2010/10/25