How to Setup Marathon Waste Compactors

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Marathon waste compactors are designed to make waste management more efficient and handy for the user. These waste compactors are designed to accommodate different types of materials and even are particularly set up with features which is going to be ideal for several types of applications.

Trash compactors can play an essential role in waste management because of their capacity to decrease the size and so volume of the waste materials. In few situations, this sort of machines may also be designed to process the materials on its own: making disposal of wastes simpler.

Considerations In Getting A Waste Compactor

Waste compactors needs to be chosen according to the features which are expected of it to fulfill.

Some of the most important factors are the following.

Size and Type Of Waste

The Marathon waste compactors can deal with different kinds of waste materials, and even the amount of garbage that needs to be refined is considered in its design. The compactors can also process biodegradable or else non-biodegradable products, plus the corresponding functions would vary based on the requirements of its application.

As an example, an Eco-Safe digester is particularly used for handling biodegradable waste (such as food leftovers). The digester turns the waste material in a liquid form which may be transported or disposed more efficiently. The size of the digester/compactor for this specific application might be based on the volume of trash produced within a certain place (e.g. cafe, home, school cafeteria, etc.).

Presence of Recyclables

If there are tons of recyclables produced from a specific building or else establishment, there is an choice to get a separate compactor for such materials. Compactors for PET bottles, cardboard, or aluminum cans may be chosen to make sure that all waste elements are handled appropriately.


The benefit of using the Marathon waste compactors might rely on its location and so its functions. If the compactor is placed strategically, accessibility is improved - so making the process of compaction more easy. Its features, however, will determine if it would be able to process the waste materials fast enough to accommodate all trash and so if it may well process a specific amount. When placing the trash compactors, it is essential that the power source is as well considered.

Marathon waste compactors moreover vary in their power specifications plus the available power source (whether single phase or just three-phase) would determine the best sort of compactor for a particular establishment.

Some other Possible Things to consider

There are various other types of compactors that allow for additional features, such as the option to tap a renewable energy source just like the sun. Solar-powered compactors have extra attachments that let them to get power from sunlight, and therefore would help you save on your electric bills.

Trash Compaction Benefits

The countless advantages of trash compaction consist of lowering of manpower essential for waste management, pre-processing of waste materials for relieve in transportation and even dealing with, prevents pest infestation, saves on collection expenses, enables proper disposal of junk, among others.

In any case, picking the most appropriate Marathon waste compactors for any kind of establishment or business can be considerable in maintaining and even executing the proper waste management methods.

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How to Setup Marathon Waste Compactors

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This article was published on 2013/11/30