Waste Disposal Techniques and Innovations

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Proper waste disposal has been one of the worlds growing problems and it seems like it's becoming a never ending issue. As the growth in our population augments, commercial solid wastes that are being disposed in landfills increases. From the beginning, a few individuals are seeking new methods in order to dispose their waste properly. Our society is having a hard time in adjusting and making amend on how to properly manage their waste. Despite this new technologies are being presented in the market that could solve our problem regarding the waste that we generate. The damage brought by waste may seemed a lifelong process in order to be undone. Finding new ways would be a significant step towards creating a green planet.

What is waste disposal?

Waste disposal is the act of throwing away the waste that we have accumulated in our homes, business and various industries. By getting rid of these unwanted materials or waste, we gather, transport, process and recycle this waste to turn them into useful items. Through proper waste management, we could segregate useful materials and convert them into new items that we could dispose back into the market creating a cycle. Upon doing so, it will lessen our dependence on utilizing new raw materials from natural resources.

Different waste management methods:


Recycling has been one of the most accessible methods of the waste management process. Most of the rubbish that we throw away could be used again. Bottles, paper, wood, plastic are some examples of items that could be found lying in landfill and once they are separated from other waste they could be transported to recycling plants and turned them in to new items.


Compost or composting could be very useful to us. How you asked? Well it is very easy, as we all know purchasing fertilizers that are being manufactured in the market could bring harmful effects in both crops and our atmosphere. They release harmful gases that add up to the green house gases that destroys the atmosphere. By composting, you could use fruit peelings, scraps, leftovers that have spoiled and turn it into fertilizers. Since these are organic materials they would give back the nutrients that the soil needs in order to make it healthy. Upon composting biodegradable materials you could save money and at the same time lessen the waste that you dispose in landfills. This is also one of the useful methods of waste management.

Gasification process

Gasification process is one of the newer methods of waste management. It is a process that could turn waste into useful fuel and energy. The gasification process is all about converting solid municipal waste into a renewable source of energy. Through this process, the waste is being places in a chamber wherein extreme temperature process carbonaceous raw materials into gas. It is a carbon neutral process, due to the fact that throughout the process of creating the product known as syngas limited amounts of oxygen is supplied. The gasification process does not emit carbon dioxide and other harmful gases into the atmosphere.

As time goes on, the industry in which waste management expands therefore creating new innovations that could lead through cleaning up the environment. Various methods are being discussed in communities on how to properly manage their waste. A number of hopefuls are still clinging to the day when we could replace the word waste into resources. In my opinion, it does have a nice sound to it and that taking care of our earth is a great contribution for the next generation.

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Waste Disposal Techniques and Innovations

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This article was published on 2010/12/14