Waste Management and Methods

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Waste management is the process of handling and processing the waste material into a usable material. Waste management involves several other techniques, such as recycling of the scrap material. Waste management usually involves handling and monitoring the waste material. It may include liquid, solid, gaseous and even radioactive matter which can be harmful for a person's health or the environment. The primary objective of waste management is to obtain resources from it which can be used later on.

The methods of handling waste differ from region to region. The monitoring and handling of toxic industrial is generally managed by the government in the urban areas while on the other hand the management of the general is the responsibility of the society.

There are generally two primary methods of disposing that include:

1) Landfill: It is the most widely used method of disposing the waste material. It usually comprises of burying the waste material in a land which is not being used for any purpose. Landfill is perhaps the most primitive method of waste disposal and if done properly it can be quite hygienic as well. But the landfill method is now considered to be a very expensive technique of waste disposal because of the decreasing available land for waste disposal. It is now very difficult to find a vacant land for huge waste material disposal. On the other hand, if landfill is not managed properly it can lead to a variety of environmental issues which may include the wind-blown waste, generation of pests and poisonous gases such as CO2 and MH4. The land used for waste disposal may not be fit for vegetation purposes in the near future.

2) Incineration: The incineration is a new method which has been adopted recently. It usually involves burning the entire waste material at a very high temperature. This method is also popularly known as the thermal treatment method. The incineration method transforms the disposable waste into gas, heat or ash. This method can be used to dispose all kinds of waste, such as solid, liquid or gas.

There is a lot of information online related to the waste management. The internet is a great source to build your knowledge about waste management and its various techniques. The website of institute of scrap, recycling and industry offers all the relevant information and the latest news as well.

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Waste Management and Methods

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